An Unofficial Timeline of Events

This website lists out prominent game/lore events for Corporate Clash with the dates they were posted in whether on Twitter or the game's website. It is currently incomplete but I aim to get everything up to date as of 1.3 soon.

July 2018:

Corporate Clash launches officially.

August 2018:

The Outback vs Barnyard elections take place to decide 4 new species that will be coming to Toontown!

September 2018:

The Outback species win the elections! Kiwis, Koalas, Kangaroos and Armadillos will be added to Toontown!

October 2018:

Halloween first comes to Corporate Clash with a brand new shop NPC, Elphabat.
Skelecogs begin roaming the streets and a mysterious looking vampire building shows up in Toontown Central.

November 2018:

Turkey Toons arrive in Corporate Clash for Thanksgiving!

December 2018:

Toonseltown is added to Corporate Clash for the Holidays!

The first Corporate Clash comic, “Annual Review” is released! Showing that the CJ is in a bit of trouble with the Chairman of C.O.G.S Inc…

March 2019:

Teasing begins for Operation: MAYDAY

“Rumors are spreading fast around Toontown about some sort of strange noise startling many of its citizens! Just WHAT could that have been? Local papers have begun to report about this ongoing issue. “

After further investigation of a mysterious sound, Loony Labs unveils it’s plans for its next major project. Meanwhile, Toontown’s newest citizens have arrived!

Doe Vinci crashes her plane into Toontown, specifically inside Webster’s office, leading the Loony Labs scientists to desire to experience the magic of plane flights, building a settlement in Acorn Acres’ minigame area for planes to take off.

Phase 2 of Operation: MAYDAY has begun, and Webster is here to present his findings and theories about the current state and future of Toontown! Just WHAT is Loony Labs up to?

"Hmm... Starting off, here's my first theory. Since we already have C.O.G. Disguises, Loony Labs must be making up some kind of cog transportation disguise! Oh, I do hope they know what they are getting into."
"That's right, with its propeller thingamabobbers and whatchamacallits, Loony Labs must be creating a C.O.G.-like transportation device as a way to sneak onto one of their properties!"

"Now then, was it just me, or did Doe Vinci look a little mechanical? Or was she just a little maniacal? Only the C.O.G.S. have propellers to fly! Could Doe Vinci be a C.O.G. in a TOON disguise?!"
"I could have sworn Doe Vinci said she wasn't from around here. Where else could she be from? A new C.O.G. Headquarters perhaps? Disguised as one of us?"

"The only use of a plane is to travel without having your feet touch the ground. Does Loony Labs want to travel outside of Toontown?"
"What in the Tooniverse are scientists even doing with a plane? Seeking places in which we haven't discovered before perhaps?"

April 2019:

Operation: MAYDAY comes to a close, allowing Toons to take a plane ride to areas outside of Toontown! Sky Clan becomes accessible in Corporate Clash for the duration of April Toons. Count Erclaim makes a return as well, and 1 laff ubers are added to the game.

An ARG begins to gather clues for C.O.G.S newest plans, after solving the mystery, the players were rewarded with a mysterious blueprint…

June 2019:

Builder Bob is setting up an Outpost in Lawbot HQ for a so-called “Operation: Break the Law” from the Toon Resistance.

Rocky shares the Toon Resistance’s plans for the future of Toontown, explaining that Break the Law will feature 3 phases, starting with the game’s taskline being revamped.

July 2019:

The second Corporate Clash comic, “Weekly Meeting” is released, the Cog Bosses overhear the Chairman’s plans of firing someone from the company.

Further teasers of the revamped Lawbot HQ are shared on Twitter.

August 2019:

The Outback species and the Taskline Revamp finally arrive to Corporate Clash
Break the Law continues to be teased.

October 2019:

Phase One of Operation: Break the Law commences, and Toons begin to storm Lawbot HQ, planning to end C.O.G.S Inc’s legal department for good.
Count Erclaim sets up his abode in Lawbot HQ as well.

December 2019:

“Phase Two” of Operation: Break the Law begins! The Resistance goes over their plan of operations to continue the takedown of Lawbot HQ.

Following the consistent damage taken from the Toons’ operation, and the lack of proper knowledge of corporate law from the CJ, the Chairman of C.O.G.S calls for one last meeting to finally fire John Robolts from the company, but it doesn’t go as planned when the now Ex-Cog Boss quits moments prior to being booted, announcing his plans for a well deserved vacation.

The company then hires a Witness Stand-In to remain in the CJ’s place until a proper replacement is found…